The demand on healthcare in the United States is growing at exponential rates while training new employees entering the workforce remains nearly the same as it was a decade ago. When healthcare professionals are in such high demand, healthcare facilities must make their job vacancies as attractive as possible and must put forth a lot of effort to recruit candidates that match open positions rather than simply settling for who applies. At Stillwater Human Capital, our recruitment team puts skill and experience into action to source the best talent for the positions you need to fill.

In a world full of qualified experience and emerging potential, it's challenging to find the right talent. At Stillwater, we use a multi-faceted approach for healthcare talent acquisition. We source professionals that include:
— Skilled surgeonsProvidersMid-level providers: Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Physician Assistant (PA)
— Nurses: Advanced practice, RN, and LVN
— Unlicensed providers: Medical Assistant (MA), Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Personal Care Tech/Aide (PCT/A), Home Health Aide (HHA)
— Therapist: Occupational (OT/OTA), Physical (PT/PTA), Speech (ST/SLT)
— Medical support: Environmental services, nutrition, etc.
— And, much, much more!

Our recruiting solutions include far-reaching technology, tools, and processes - because finding the right person for the job includes so much more than simply filling an empty seat. You want staff who fit in well with the culture and who are accountable, autonomous, and trustworthy. When your patients' lives are on the line and your reputation is at stake, you need vetted talent with a history you can trust. Want new, coachable talent? Or a team leader with proven experience and skill? Either way, the recruiters at Stillwater can source the perfect candidates for you.

When you utilize our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) or Surge Recruitment Outsourcing (SRO) options, we offer permanent placement or contract fulfillment recruitment options. We can function as an extension of your human resources department for:
— Hospitals
— Outpatient clinics
— Retirement communities: Independent living, ALF
— Skilled nursing/ rehab
— Home health agencies

Don't wait for talent to stumble your way; let us go out and find it for you. Connect with us to get started today.

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