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Awarded The Best Human Capital Firm

45% increase in productivity

With Stillwater Human Capital, our partners a t CGI saw a 45% increase in productivity with our talent recruits.

"With Stillwater we've achieve so much work in a shorter timespan." - CGI

Superior Technical Talent

Northrop Grumman engaged with Stillwater to manage XYZ project, which required a team of seasoned not just seasoned technical veterans, but military.

"Working with vets not only gave us team members with the right technical foundation, but also professional execution." - Northrop Grumman

Tailored Executive Search

Finding the right fit for the company and a role can sometimes be a challenge, especially at an executive level. At Stillwater, we strive to ensure to really be a resource to cover all basis with the client's goals in minde.

"Stillwater found the right leadership for our new technology department.

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From  recruiting to job opportunities, Stillwater has been providing our clients with a low cost, highly productive, measurable, alternative recruiting solution. While connecting veterans with some of the largest companies around the nation.

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