The number of retail jobs grows each year, and your store depends on the staff you hire. You need more than just a positive headcount; you need employees you can count on to show up, make sales, and prevent loss. When not just anyone will do, trust the retail recruitment efforts of Stillwater Human Capital.

Talent recruitment techniques and considerations vary for each industry, and sales is a highly-specific industry where each position is dependent on the unique company and current trends. At Stillwater, our recruitment and retention staff have years of experience working with the latest technology and trends to find the right talent for your open positions. All of our candidates are fully vetted and ready to work.

Better yet, our team works as an extension of your HR department to handle all of the assessment, prescreening, negotiation, and onboarding.

Why You Should Partner With an Industry-Leading Recruitment Agency
Time is money, and your time is valuable. With high turnover rates in the retail industry and many companies hiring for similar positions, you don’t have the time to sift through applicants and hire the first smiling face that’s willing to start today. When you partner with a recruitment agency, you get qualified talent you can depend on. We work to source candidates that meet your specific needs and requirements while highlighting the features of your vacancies to increase engagement.

With Stillwater’s skilled recruiters you get the right person for the job, which means growth for your business and a higher likelihood of retention directly related to job satisfaction. We partner with our clients and our talent to match the right talent to the right position, all while considering:
- Trends
- Experience
- Work Ethic
- Product Knowledge
- Store Culture
- Goals

Whether you are opening a new location and need people to fill management, sales, and customer service roles; you need to amp up staffing for short-term surges (holidays, summer, etc.); or you simply have a few positions to fill, Stillwater has scalable recruitment options to meet your needs. Connect with us to get started today.

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