Stillwater Human Capital specializes in delivering the talent to help grow your business in the right direction. We offer the tools and support that allow you to meet your recruitment and retention needs and understand the challenges associated with finding and keeping the highly-trained, technical talent you require. By functioning as an extension of your HR department and offering our proven, specialized recruitment and retention skills, we can help you overcome those challenges.

Our recruiters source and vet qualified candidates for your SaaS, technology, data, or business-to-business company to help you advance in the industry and grow your business. When cybersecurity and infrastructure protection matter, you need employees who are vetted, technically qualified, skilled, and trustworthy. Our recruitment strategies and retention programs assure you of just that.

Stillwater works with a variety of SaaS industries including:
- Data
- Networking
- Cybersecurity
- Information storage
- Analytics
- Business intelligence
- Processing
- Healthcare technology
- Government contracts
- Financial services
- Mission analysis
- Disaster recovery.

We provide talent acquisition services for a variety of roles ranging from engineers to executive positions and everyone in between.

How StillWater Helps Meet Your Recruitment Needs
Our recruiting and retention experts partner with and serve as an extension of your HR team, helping to improve your existing processes and using the network of resources we’ve built. Take advantage of our complete range of candidate acquisition services that include contract staffing, contract hire, direct hire, and HR-on-demand options. We offer total recruitment services that go far beyond simply finding qualified applicants, vetting and prescreening applicants and helping with the entire onboarding process and retention.

By finding the right person for the right job, we help both employers and employees meet their goals and put you on track for growth.

What Are You Waiting For?
When you need the best SaaS candidate, transform your infrastructure with Stillwater recruiting solutions. If you are a skilled applicant seeking a new and rewarding position in the technology industry, connect with us to get started today.

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