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Stillwater Human Capital provides men and women who have honorably served in the US armed forces with an opportunity to launch a new career in corporate America. By providing military veterans with the tools and knowledge to be able to excel in the fields of human resources and recruitment, we offer our clients a successful alternative to other high cost talent acquisition solutions.

Stillwater has diversified into three capability areas: Human capital recruitment services, educational services, and government services. With a deep understanding of government programs, contract vehicles, and contracting requirements, Stillwater develops detailed veteran transition plans, recruitment strategies, and retention programs for federal government solicitations. Our focus on the veteran community and broad range of experience in talent development and training allow us to partner with our customers to support Department of Defense and Intelligence Community government service contracts.  

Founded in 2012, Stillwater has identified and hired hundreds of subject matter experts and contributing staff with high-level security clearances.

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From recruiting to job opportunities, Stillwater has been providing our clients with a low cost, highly productive, measurable, alternative recruiting solution - all while connecting veterans with some of the largest companies around the nation.

David WilLard, Founder, CEO
chris werner, rpo delivery mgr
stephanie Poe
from our veterans


“I would like to sincerely thank David and Stillwater for giving me an opportunity to begin a new career in Corporate Recruiting. Dave gave me such an amazing chance at getting my foot into the door and learning about Recruiting. The 2-week crash course gave me the foundation I needed to grow my skill set in this field. Along with Dave’s knowledge and the class curriculum, he has provided me with the tools to be successful. Thank you again Dave for everything you have done for me and my family!


“Stillwater Human Capital is an amazing company founded by Dave Willard. After a career in outside sales, I was referred to Dave, as I was looking for something different. Having no prior experience, Dave Willard taught me “How To Be A Recruiter in Two Weeks.” His connections in the industry found me a temporary position with a government contractor and I was then able to move into a Full Time position with them after several months. Dave has a positive energy and infectious smile that inspires all who come in contact with him. I am grateful to Dave for introducing me to a challenging and rewarding career path.”


"I would like to express my profound gratitude to Stillwater for your ingenuity in putting together such a utilitarian recruiting training program. With my zero experience in recruiting, the Stillwater training program was able to prepare me, not only with the knowledge and skills, but the confidence to enter the field and produce.
I am thankful to you, the Stillwater team and Brio Resource Group for my conversion to a full-time employee of Brio Resource Group after my three months contract period. I am excited and it will always be my pleasure to contribute anyhow possible to the Stillwater veteran program"


“Stillwater Human Capital not only introduced me to the world of Corporate Recruiting but provided me with excellent hands on training which translated into real-world work experience with my mentorship at WBB. My training through Stillwater Human Capital provided me with all the tools I need to be a competent and confident recruiter and that makes me an asset to any company looking for corporate recruiting support."


“When I started training at Stillwater Human Capital I had no experience recruiting. The skills and tools that I learned from the Stillwater team over the two-week training period proved to be invaluable upon my placement at Cyberspace Solutions. Not only did the Stillwater team train me how to recruit, but also, upon completion of the program they worked tirelessly to find an opportunity with a great company. I will always be thankful for the opportunities that Stillwater afforded me and my family, and the continuing support that they provided once I started my new career”.

JOEL BOSCH (USMC 2003-2007)

"I want to thank Stillwater Human Capital for the excellent training that was provided to fellow veterans and myself. I can probably speak for everyone in my class that Dave is top notch professional with a wealth of knowledge and passion. The whole training program along with the guest speakers and individuals whom took time out to give their hand as well as their knowledge, I'm was totally thankful for all of it."


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