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Contract & Veteran Recruiters:

Since 2012 Stillwater has been hand selecting and training high potential military Veterans to become highly productive recruiters in the government contracting industry.  Over the last several years we have perfected an accelerated boot camp that immerses Veterans in our proven Talent Forward Methodology.  On the other end of our 2-week training emerges a driven, loyal and results oriented Military Veteran recruiter that produces at the level of a recruiter with 3 years of experience.  Our Veteran Recruiters are a fantastic option for our customers that embrace the military culture and are looking for a cost-effective solution to adding a member to their recruiting team.  Similarly, our Senior Contract recruiters are held to a higher standard than your typical hired-gun contractor.  Each contract recruiter is vetted thoroughly in person prior to presentation to our clients to ensure they match the specific requirements you’re looking for and that they are a well-rounded recruiter in the following areas:   

  • Client/hiring manager engagement
  • Offer negotiation/closing
  • ATS administration/compliance
  • Sourcing strategies/Boolean logic
  • Candidate engagement/outreach strategies
  • Analytical thinking/problem solving undefined
  • Business acumen
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Stillwater’s RPO solution is designed for clients who need a long term (12+ months) wholistic enterprise recruiting solution. Our RPO solution is designed to provide a recruiting infrastructure as a service (RIAAS).  This solution provides all the tools, technology, management, process and people required to delivery talent quickly and efficiently.

Once our client’s strategy is defined and implemented, a team of dedicated Stillwater employees will support our client’s recruiting initiatives virtually from our facilities. Our recruiters utilize Stillwater's Talent Forward methodology to ensure clients receive qualified candidates, in volume and on a consistent basis. In addition to receiving fully vetted candidates that meet the requirements our clients also receive weekly status reports detailing the progress the team has made on all requirements. Stillwater takes the recruiting burden off your plate, so you can focus on other critical lines of business.

Surge Recruitment Outsourcing (SRO):

Stillwater’s SRO solution is very similar to our RPO solution however it is designed for shorter recruiting cycles (3-6 months) and is more tactically driven to drive near term recruiting results. Stillwater's SRO model aligns our team of experienced recruiters and sourcing teams (Veterans) to our client’s existing recruiting infrastructure from our facility. Our recruiters come equipped with access to our infrastructure to include all sourcing tools and our database of cleared talent.  Our delivery team partners closely with your organization to define the business need that is driving the hiring surge and develops a strategy that will attract the targeted candidate pool.  SRO is a cost-effective way to support a sudden demand for additional headcount which can be driven by organic growth, proposal prep/award, increased funding or strategic hiring. SRO projects are typically 6 month engagements with a rapid implementation.

Resume Generation:

Stillwater has made significant investments in today's industry leading candidate databases and sometimes our clients only need the resumes from costly sourcing tools that their budget can’t support. Our solution is simple. We dedicate a Stillwater recruiter to sourcing our internal Stillwater database and job board tools based on your company’s requisitions and route the resumes to our clients in a OFCCP compliant process. This is an efficient and cost effective way for our clients to ensure they are leaving no stone unturned in their search for talent.


Talent Acquisition

Stillwater's RPO Delivery Team then partners with our client’s management team and stakeholder community to develop a fully customized talent acquisition suite encompassing:

  • Employment brand messaging
  • Social media strategies
  • Technologies (applicant tracking system)
  • Workflow process enhancement
  • Compliance guidelines
  • Recruiting metrics
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From recruiting to job opportunities, Stillwater has been providing our clients with a low cost, highly productive, measurable, alternative recruiting solution. While connecting veterans with some of the largest companies around the nation.

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