Veteran Employment

Stillwater was founded in 2012 with a meaningful business model: to provide men and women who have honorably served our country with the opportunity to launch a new career in corporate America. We strive to provide veterans with the tools and knowledge they need to excel in human resources and recruitment while offering our clients a successful alternative to other high-cost talent acquisition solutions. As soon as you walk through our doors you feel connected to our mission to the country while also focusing on our goal to train and employ our nation’s veterans.

Veteran Career Training

At Stillwater we focus on diversity and inclusion with an emphasis on veteran employment. We’ve designed our training programs to support men and women who are interested in expanding their careers into the national security and defense space.

We understand veteran employment and have built an infrastructure and initiatives designed to help you redefine your career:

Translating Military Experience

Many veterans have valuable skills and experiences gained during their military service, but these skills may not always directly translate to civilian job requirements. At Stillwater we have a culture designed to help translate military experience into recruiting in the government contracting sector.

Flexible Work Arrangements

At Stillwater we require employees who are located within 40 miles of the Herndon, VA area to work from our office three days a week. We have technology that allows you to schedule what days you want to work from the office alongside your friends and colleagues.

Benefits and Support Services

Our employee assistance program offers benefits and support services tailored to the needs of veterans and their families. These include benefits related to healthcare, legal assistance, identity management, financial counseling and a host of other benefits.

Training and Development Programs

At Stillwater we offer training and development programs specifically tailored to the needs of veterans. These programs can help veterans develop new skills, fill knowledge gaps, and transition smoothly into civilian roles within the company.

Supportive Workplace Culture

We cultivate a supportive workplace culture that understands and respects the military background of their veteran employees. This can include initiatives like employee resource groups for veterans, mentorship programs pairing veterans with experienced civilian employees, and providing access to counseling or support services for veterans transitioning to civilian life.

Reserve Duty

Stillwater supports active-duty reservists by offering flexible work arrangements to accommodate their military commitments. Reservists are granted time off for training and deployments, and their positions are held during their absence. The company provides resources and assistance to ensure a smooth transition between military service and work responsibilities.

You most likely won’t retire with Stillwater, but we will give you the foundation and opportunity to launch a successful career supporting our Nation and programs that defend our FREEDOMS every day!

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