A Guide to Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Part 1 - What Is RPO?

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is quickly becoming the standard for both small and large businesses to find and hire the employees they need. While this task has traditionally been handled by internal human resources departments, utilizing RPO allows companies to more effectively reach a wider talent pool and strategically grow the organization. While not a new concept, fully understanding what RPO is or how to harness its benefits can be a challenge. Let’s take a deeper dive into what exactly RPO is and how your company can benefit.

What Is RPO?

As its name suggests, Recruitment Process Outsourcing is the practice of hiring a third-party recruiting agency to design and execute a program for finding, hiring, and managing new talent. RPO teaming partners help optimize your job listings, search talent, and perform background checks and interviews to offer you fully-vetted candidates who meet your needs while removing the logistical burden of talent acquisition.

There is a common misconception that RPO is simply a fancy term for contract recruiters, but RPO includes much more than simply fishing ina talent pool and offering names for hire. Quality RPO services include full lifecycle management and function as an extension of your company’s human resources department. 

A team of recruitment experts begins by assessing your needs followed by helping with branding and presentation, job listings, interviewing, and even onboarding. Additionally, RPO programs can be utilized as an ongoing service or for specific positions or projects.

Clarifying RPO Myths

Myth #1: RPO Requires HR to Relinquish Control

RPO Fact: External recruiters ease the talent acquisition burden, supplementing existing HR departments to provide talent delivery and associated recruiting services. RPO partners provide offerings tailored to each client’s unique need.

Myth #2: RPO is Only for Large Companies That Hire in HighVolumes

RPO Fact: RPO services are completely scalable, can benefit all sizes of companies, and can be used for entry level, high-volume positions as well as executive-level or hard-to-fill positions. 

Myth #3: RPO is an Expensive Option

RPO Fact: RPO partners have proven methodologies and talent pools that save their clients time and money. These can be more efficient than in-house recruitment efforts or agency contract employee utilization.

RPO at Stillwater 

At Stillwater Human Capital, our RPO delivery system includes a team of industry-specific recruitment specialists that offer employment brand messaging, social media strategies, applicant tracking systems, workflow process enhancement, compliance guidelines, and recruitment metrics for companies seeking a holistic recruiting solution. We specialize inRPO services for government agencies and contracting programs, as well as technology and data companies. Our strategies ensure that employers receive fully vetted candidates that exceed expectations. 

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