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A Guide to Recruitment Process Outsourcing - Part 2: How RPO Works

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Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is an increasingly common way for companies to access a deep pool of qualified candidates and onboard the best options. RPO is convenient for busy companies as it cuts down on the number of applicants they have to sort through and allows for a greater reach, reducing the number of short-hire employees and limiting turnover. Keeping up with hiring demands can be a challenge, but RPO can give you multiple options for consistent quality talent acquisition.

RPO Solution Options

RPO is not a one-size-fits-all application – it is completely customizable and scalable based on your unique business needs. For the most part, there are four main types of RPO solutions that your company can choose from:

1.    On-demand recruitment

2.    Project-based RPO

3.    Turnkey end-to-end RPO

4.    Hybrid model

On-Demand Recruitment

When a company has a recruiting demand they cannot meet internally, partnering with a talent acquisition company allows for targeted candidate sourcing. This ad-hoc model can help meet the needs of a company during a hiring spike or rapid change. 

Project-Based RPO 

Project-based RPO models utilize recruitment for specific projects or expansions with specific start and end terms. Although this option is often in response to short-term needs, it allows companies to continue their routine in-house hiring processes with added support as needed. Optimizing staffing efforts and launching programs is more efficient and timely with a professional talent acquisition partner.

 End-to-End RPO Solutions

The end-to-end RPO model is a complete turnkey solution that encompasses all aspects of the recruitment process. Your RPO partner is responsible for managing the everything from requisition approval through employee onboarding process and workflow management, essentially working as a seamless part of your hiring team. As your partner, your dedicated recruitment team understands your business objectives and utilizes their industry expertise to manage your total talent acquisition and management. End-to-end RPO solutions are perfect for a company with high-volume hiring needs and small businesses that have limited HR departments. You manage the day-to-day business while your RPO provider handles talent sourcing.  

Hybrid RPO Model

A hybrid RPO model offers the most flexibility and partnership options between your internal hiring team and your RPO talent acquisition team. By offering the perfect blend of hiring efforts and seamless hand-off of candidates, hybrid RPO models are tailored to the unique needs of each business. Hybrid RPO solutions supplement your existing workflow while optimizing efficiency, ensuring regulatory compliance, and providing access to a wider talent pool of vetted and qualified candidates for quicker time-to-hire. 

Determine Which Option Is Best for Your Company

Because no two companies have the same goals or the same hiring needs, there is no blanket answer for which RPO option is best for your business. To determine the best solution for you, reach out to a trusted talent acquisition company with proven performance that specializes in RPO solutions —such as Stillwater Human Capital — to discuss your unique situation and goals.We’ll answer all your questions and steer you in the right direction. Connect with our specialists today. 

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