Attracting the Right Talent When Healthcare Professionals Are in High Demand

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As if healthcare workers weren’t already in demand, the emergence of the novel coronavirus in 2020 only served to expand the need for high-quality employees. Medical training has halted, with fewer clinical training available and less in-person education being conducted. Those healthcare workers already in the force had to make dramatic changes to respond to the global crisis, deciding whether to work long  hours or shelter at home with their families. In addition to critical workers and in-person urgent care, hospitals and clinics around the nation have seen dramatic increase in virtual treatment options and over-the-phone appointments. 

As the world begins to normalize, the entire healthcare industry has changed management strategies when it comes to both patient treatment and workflow. With these changes and increased demands, healthcare workers are experiencing burnout and seeking employment with companies that can offer stability, comfort, and fair compensation. And demand for healthcare workers isn’t slowing down. Between now and 2026, the healthcare industry is projected to grow nearly 18%, requiring 2.4 million new positions to be filled. How do you attract the right talent when healthcare professionals are in high demand? Strong benefits, competitive pay, and a commitment to employee care are good starts, but let’s discuss a few more ways you can stand out and attract and retain the right talent for your organization

Personal Appeal

Healthcare professionals dedicate years to education and training, and then enter into an industry where they spend all of their time and energy caring for others. To set your position apart from others, appeal to the professional as a person. Include details about what you do to take care of and promote your employees. Whether you are a hiring professional for a large community hospital or the sole proprietor of a small or specialized clinic, your employees want to know they matter. 

When you post a job description consider including details beyond general duties and responsibilities, including: 

  • Employee recognition programs
  • Continuing education and training opportunities
  • Wellness or local discount partnership programs
  • Incentives such as overtime compensation, shift differentials, and annual bonuses and pay raises, as well as non-monetary benefits such as complimentary refreshments, monthly catered lunches, on-site gym, etc.
  • Company and team culture and leadership details
  • Work/life balance

Look Beyond Credentials

In a highly specialized field like medicine, it can be easy to get caught in the weeds of the letters and titles trailing behind an applicant’s name. Yes, you want someone who is well educated and possesses the skills you need, but never discount the person who hasn’t quite earned those designations. Here’s some food for thought: 

  • Offer on-the-job training. This may require additional orientation time, but it will give you the advantage of molding employee experience to the specifics of your particular specialty. 
  • Focus on compassion and people skills. Technology can be taught, but corporate culture fit goes a long way in patient care.
  • Working learners are more eager to do well.
  • Build a foundation of two-way trust and respect with your employees. Helping to build careers enhances loyalty and retention.

Focusing on “soft” qualities like company loyalty and bedside manner can pay off in the long run. Consider delving into employer or personal reference, or even using a brief personality test.

Review Your Reviews

People trust the reviews of other employees, patients, or job candidates. When potential applicants are searching for a new position, they will likely look through not only your mission and brand, but also personal reviews. Keep an eye on your online presence to get a pulse on how others view your organization. Not happy with what you read or hear? Don’t be discouraged - every organization has both positive and negative aspects to the business, but you can get to the root of the problem and attempt to fix it. Reply publicly to both positive and negative reviews - responding shows that you are willing to take responsibility and corrective action to grow. Address ratings and take an internal look to see what you can do better and appeal more to patients and potential employees alike. Places to consider reviewing include: 

  • Google My Business — this is the leader in reviews
  • Top Rated Local®
  • Glassdoor
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Social Media like Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Online Job Boards

Partner With a Trusted Recruiting Agency

To help you find the best talent, you’ve got to expand your talent pool and make your vacancies look as attractive as possible. An experienced recruiting can address these concerns, as well as industry best practices, onboarding, and much more. Recruiting specialists actively headhunt qualified talent and vet them before matching them with positions that align with their skills, credentials, and personality. A skilled recruiter can make a job posting appeal to the right professionals, and your organization can benefit from a holistic approach to talent sourcing, onboarding, and supplementing your HR department to ensure efficient hiring and help overall retention rates. 

At Stillwater Human Capital, we have healthcare recruiters who know the ins and outs of the industry and can help you find the right talent. From CEOs of large hospitals to staffing a receptionist at a med spa, our recruiters have built a large talent pool and are ready to find the right candidate for your position. If you’ve got vacancies you’re looking to fill with qualified professionals, connect with us today. 

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