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Emerging Markets Mean New Ways to Approach Talent Sourcing

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects marked growth in the areas of health/medicine, engineering, and restaurant/hospitality between now and 2029.  For the companies driving the momentum in these emerging markets and for the prospective employees who will rise to the challenges of filling new vacancies to lead the industry to growth, rapid expansion and continual evolution can make it difficult to keep up with talent demand. Talent acquisition companies are navigating new ways to keep up with demands while placing the right talent in the right positions. 

Hire The Soft Skills

In a global market that runs efficiently on automation and increased digitization, many hard skills are being replaced with machines. While these hard skills are still important and reflect  technical experiences and industry-specific knowledge soft skills such as creativity, collaboration, adaptability, and persuasion are needed for holistic organizational success.

Implementing formal policies and procedures to accurately assess soft skills in potential employees should be an integral part of the screening and hiring process. If your company hasn’t established these processes, outsourcing the hiring process  can save you time and money while ensuring you see the quality candidates you’re looking for. By easing the burden on your HR department and bringing in a targeted recruiting team who have already assessed and vetted candidates, you are more likely to get the right talent for the right job. Talent acquisition agencies that include behavior tests, body language analysis in the interview, and situational-based questions are able to better project talent’s soft skills and ability to fit the role.

Discover What Brings Talent In

Recruiting can be challenging in emerging markets since multiple companies are often competing for talent with the same or similar skill sets. Recent talent management research identified four factors that differentiate the successful companies in emerging markets from the less successful: brand, opportunity, purpose, and culture. Candidates are looking for a company they can trust, and an environment where they can grow and thrive. Now more than ever, employees are also seeking a company culture that makes them feel valued and appreciated while fostering growth. They want to feel that there is value in what they are doing, and that their contributions matter to their fellow employees, managers, and their company as a whole.   

Candidates are also looking for positions that include flexibility in the days and hours they work, as well as work location. Offering remote and virtual options, leadership development opportunities, a culture of respect, and competitive pay and benefits will go just as far in attracting the right candidate as the job description itself. Beyond a simple paycheck and basic responsibilities, employees want to feel valued and a part of something that matters. 

At Stillwater Human Capital, talent acquisition is our business. From assessing soft skills to helping HR departments bolster their presence, we can put our expertise to use to tackle your unique challenges. In a rapidly evolving and expanding hiring environment, the potential for growth is astounding. To keep up with demands and grow your company, you need high-quality talent who match your needs. Through our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and surge recruitment outsourcing (SRO) options, we provide the talent where you need it. Build your company without sacrificing the time with the help of expert Stillwater recruiters. Connect with us online or contact us directly to get started today. 

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