Got High-Tech Positions Open? 5 Tips to Meet the Recruitment Challenge

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When the technology needs of individual companies and entire industries seem to evolve on a weekly basis, finding qualified candidates to fill open high-tech positions is tougher than ever before. A robust engineering, IT, SaaS, or R&D team is fast becoming much more of a necessity than a luxury. Tech talent candidates are well aware that there is a significant imbalance between supply and demand, and that their skill set gives them an advantage when looking for career opportunities. So what’s the best way to find qualified candidates and appeal to their motivations? 

Use Referrals

Great people know great people - especially in highly specialized fields. Reach out to the people in your network with proven experience when asking for referrals is a good place to start.

Review What You Offer

Most high-tech talent are aware of their worth and are looking for a career where they can not only use their skills  to their full potential, but can also grow and express their creativity within their field. If your company is not clear about a commitment to innovation and support of individual employee growth, you may have a harder time finding qualified personnel. When creating job postings, you want your position and your organization to be as attractive as possible. Consider including:

  • Descriptions of company culture and value of employees
  • Organization’s mission
  • Offer benefits and/or compensation that differentiate you from your competitors
  • Discuss resources and tech tools available
  • Offer continuing education opportunities
  • Highlight the perks beyond the position 

Beyond the duties and responsibilities listed for the job, highlight other features in your posting that convince highly sought-after talent to choose your company. Key differentiators could include options like flexible office hours, remote work, company happy hours, on-site amenities, and a casual atmosphere - all of which are components of a working culture that many applicants are searching for. 

Appeal to Their Talents

Very few people go into a technology specialty with a strong desire to work only on mundane or repetitive tasks. While these  may be a part of the job description, the duties and overall role of the position should appeal to the creativity of high-tech candidates. Make sure your open positions don’t come across as bland, and include clear goals regarding professional advancement and ties to the overall company mission. In addition to broadening your candidate audience, you will also benefit from the out-of-the-box skills and ideas new employees bring to the table.

Use SaaS Recruiters

Talent sourcing is a big job, and many companies have turned to recruitment companies to meet talent acquisition needs. Whether you partner with a recruitment agency or you attempt to fill vacancies yourself, it is important to make sure recruiters speak the language of today’s high-tech needs, and understand the types of candidates they are looking for. This not only saves time and energy for the hiring managers reviewing the applicants who make the final cut, but also ensures that the talent feels comfortable and understood during the initial vetting process. This understanding also helps your company better advertise vacancies to attract the right candidates. 

Taking the time to understand and appreciate the nuances of recruiting for high-tech positions can go a long way toward ensuring the right fit for both your organization and the candidates you are hoping to hire. If you’re looking for a trusted partner with proven expertise in finding and vetting the right people for specialized positions, give us a call - we’d like to get to know more about your company and unique staffing needs. 

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