How COVID-19 is Changing Recruitment Strategies

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The COVID-19 pandemic changed so much about our business and personal lives in 2020. As we enter a new year and settle into a new normal created by the virus, we have all learned valuable lessons about adapting to change and overcoming obstacles. 

Recruiting and talent management strategies have changed tactics as well, exploring innovative new ways to attract, vet, and retain critical staff when meeting face-to-face can be problematic. 

Increased Reliance on Virtual Recruitment Options

With concerns about crowds and gatherings on the rise, fewer people are willing to travel or attend in-person meetings. While remote options are the preferred method of recruitment and communication, some business owners are hesitant to tackle the nuances of a virtual world. Recruiting experts recognize this emerging trend as a benefit - not  only do virtual options save time spent in meetings, they also reduce the cost-per-hire spending through reduced travel expenses. Virtual recruitment options allow for an expanded reach when sourcing talent and interviewing candidates in a broader geographical area.

More Active Job Seekers

Professional recruiters are skilled in keeping tabs on both active and passive job candidates, ensuring they have a pool of vetted talent in reserve. In the current job market, there are many more people looking for a new position. This tidal wave of active job seekers allows employers to capitalize on both hard and soft skills with little compromise.

Overcoming Business Challenges

With large events and major transportation limited or on hold, businesses in every industry have been impacted in the ways they are able to serve their customers. Shifts in role expectations and the day-to-day duties of employees  have created opportunities for go-getters and business owners alike to change the way they do business. To help overcome business challenges, recruiting tactics have shifted to a reliance on both technical and soft skills that go beyond traditional expectations to meet current demands.

Growing Brand Presence

A primary concern for recruiters is growing brand presence as part of an effective recruitment strategy. This has become even more important during  the pandemic, even while strategies for branding have had to change in light of COVID-related restrictions. Candidates want to feel safe in their working environment as well as stable with a company that is thriving despite the pandemic. Businesses that are operating, growing, and hiring have a great opportunity to showcase their successful brand and appeal to talent.

At Stillwater Human Capital, our business is growing your business with quality talent. In a world of uncertainty and shifting norms, our team has successfully overcome obstacles to meet our clients’ needs. Whether your small business is recovering from setbacks, just getting off the ground, or has blossomed in the last year, we can staff candidates to help you continue to thrive. Learn more about our recruitment options when you visit us online, and connect with us to get started today.

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