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If you run a hospitality business — hotel, spa, resort, restaurant, private club, etc. — you have, undoubtedly, already run into challenges in talent acquisition and retention. Hospitality recruitment is the process of sourcing and hiring the right job candidates and placing them in roles that create a successful opportunity for both parties. Since your company depends on the talent you staff, each employee matters. At Stillwater, we are well aware of the challenges you face and have built our business in a manner to break down barriers and successfully manage your recruitment and retention needs. What are the challenges we face head-on?

1. Finding qualified talent.

In the customer service/hospitality industry, your entire business is riding on your staff’s ability to interact with clients and foster positive relationships. It is estimated that nearly half of the currently staffed client-facing hospitality workers are not meeting the expectations of their employers, but the difficulty finding qualified talent makes it difficult to fill vacancies and replace sub-par employees. Most hiring managers stated that it is difficult to find and retain talent while also managing current talent, so they accept applicants that weren’t quite what they were looking for.

At Stillwater Human Capital, we easily help you overcome this challenge by sourcing the best talent. We ensure the candidates that make it to your establishment are qualified, vetted, and will exceed your expectations. We match personalities and experience with the open positions to ensure both improved employee job satisfaction and skilled talent that increases the bottom line of the companies we serve. 

2. Attracting applicants and improving retention.

When you are busy running your business short-staffed, it can be difficult to make your job placement ads as attractive as they should be and many potential candidates may overlook the vacancies based on the belief that they will be overworked and underpaid. The hospitality industry is a booming opportunity for both employee and employer. By creating symbiotic relationships where talent has room for advancement and makes the desired income, companies see significant growth when clients return and leave positive reviews about their experiences. A positive relationship and job satisfaction improves retention rates and amplifies business — a win-win. 

At Stillwater Human Capital, we take on the task of making your openings as appealing as they are to acquire the best talent. By pairing the right talent with the right company, we help improve work culture and retention while reducing turnover rates, allowing you to promote within and increasing experience among your staff. 

With so many aspects of ad placement, talent acquisition, on-boarding, and retention, partnering with a recruitment company is your solution. If you are ready to face recruitment challenges and grow your company, contact the hospitality recruiters at Stillwater Human Capital. 

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