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The growing demand on the United States healthcare system means that most hospitals, clinics, and community health programs are continually looking for qualified personnel to fill their shortages. Since healthcare is a 24-hour operation that requires highly skilled and trained workers, finding qualified candidates and keeping them is a full-time job in itself. Far too often, we see nurse managers or clinical directors who are tasked with this massive responsibility in addition to managing their crew and clinic. At Stillwater Human Capital, we work with healthcare agencies to meet their needs and take the HR aspect off of the nurse managers’ plates. 

1. Let us do what we do best, so you can do what you do best.

At Stillwater, our business is sourcing the best candidates and vetting them before their application even makes it to your desk. We know your time is valuable, so we handle all the background and credential checks, ensuring those who make it to you are the quality you’re looking for. When your healthcare facility is busy the last thing you want to do is sort through stacks of applications. Let us handle those logistics so you can get back to doing what you do best — caring for your patients and your team.

2. Superior talent acquisition tactics.

We don’t simply put out your job opening and passively wait for applicants. We are proactive in seeking out the best and brightest talent and matching them with the positions that perfectly match their skills and your needs . This means that you’ll only see top talent with the experience you’re looking for. We get to know your organization and your brand so we can help make a match that goes being filling an empty chair, forming a true partnership through a combination of recruiting expertise and healthcare industry knowledge and experience. 

3. Beyond resume filtering.

Beyond talent acquisition, we offer assistance with the entire recruiting process. We find applicants, vet them, negotiate employment terms, and can even manage on-boarding and assist you with ongoing HR duties. Our relationship with you is much deeper than simply a signed contract - we partner with you on any and all elements of the entire hiring process. Discover our RPO and SRO options to see what we can offer you. 

At Stillwater Human Capital, we can help you fill short-term contracts or find qualified candidates to fill your long-term positions, and we’re ready to work with you to create a personalized talent acquisition plan that meets your needs. 

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