We talk a lot about talent acquisition and candidate placement, and the question we get all the time is “how does talent acquisition differ from simply finding applicants?” While some claim it’s a matter of semantics, we see it differently. While finding applicants is a passive process of posting a job opening and sifting through submitted applications to find the best one to meet headcount needs, talent acquisition is a more active process of finding the right person for the job. But what is the overall benefit to your company? Let's take a look...

Amplify Human Impact

By working as an extension of your current HR department, we design intelligent workflows and tailored operating models that support your talent acquisition needs based on historical hiring patterns and current retention. Each candidate has a different skillset and personality to offer, and placing them in a compatible culture and position is the key to successful company growth and employee retention. By utilizing a variety of talent acquisition tactics, we create a diverse pool of candidates and place them in the appropriate positions. When the right person is placed in the right position, the room for personal advancement coupled with intensified job satisfaction spills over into company success and organic client acquisition. These factors create the perfect arena for retention and ensuring the workplace environment is fully supportive of each employee to enhance productivity.

Optimize Business Value

Delegate all of your hiring needs with recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) or surge recruitment outsourcing (SRO) options to fill your company's employment gaps, whether that requires permanent placement or contract fulfillment. When you outsource your recruitment, you’ll be met with fully vetted candidates, that exceed all requirements. Whether you need several temporary employees for a special task or project, contract fulfillment, or you are looking for executive talent to lead your company for the long haul, we easily scale your recruitment services. By utilizing RPO and SRO options, your company can reduce HR spend nearly 51% over a five-year period, allowing you to reinvest in your own company, reach quicker growth, and hire more talent. Niche skills, highly-specific experience, and executive leadership are positions that often take three to six months to fill. Hiring just the right person for the job is much easier with access to a vetted talent pool.

Transform Hiring Experiences

Using a variety of recruitment techniques including traditional job board posting, social networking, researching, on-site recruitment, and talent pool mining, we complete sourcing, assessment, compliance, negotiation, and candidate on-boarding as an extension of your HR team. Take advantage of our complete range of talent acquisition services that include contract staffing, contract hire, direct hire, and HR-on-demand. Through dedicated recruitment services, potential candidates, as well as your executive staff, will experience next-level talent acquisition. 

Talent acquisition is a total recruitment service that goes far beyond simply finding qualified applicants. To grow your company and experience the difference for yourself, contact the team at Stillwater Human Capital to find out what we can do for your company today. 

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