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Veteran-owned is an elite designator for companies that are owned by former service members to help their businesses thrive among other larger corporations. Likewise, Veterans are afforded preferences in some hiring situations based on their service and discharge from the armed forces. When potential candidates are using their Veteran status as a value proposition during the application or hiring process, they are offering much more than their time served. Many Veterans leave the service without having held a civilian job or experiencing  a corporate workforce. Many military careers do not directly translate into civilian career fields, but the skills learned are applicable in many positions. Life in the military is all-encompassing, with very little work-life balance. The transition from Active Duty to a regular nine-to-five office job can be difficult, but for the employers who are willing to invest the time, the benefits are numerous. After all, Veterans have a lot to bring to the table. 

Competence and Technical Proficiency

Service members perform tasks and skills until they become second nature — flawlessly proficient. Rules, regulations, policies, and procedures are guiding principles. Veterans bring that same dedication and attention to the tasks they are expected to perform outside of their military duty as well.  

Unwavering Integrity and Personal Responsibility

Never is trust and integrity more important than when your life is in the hands of those on your team. Service members are responsible for each other under duress and in harsh environments, gaining unwavering integrity and personal responsibility. When you hire a Veteran, you can rest assured you won’t have to watch over their shoulder or wonder what they are doing. The expectations are clear and you can be confident they are executing the mission with dedication and commitment. 

Effective Leadership and Team Mentality

Serving in a military leadership position means you will be judged based solely on the successes and failures of those under your responsibility. Team mentality is everything and there is no bond stronger than brothers and sisters in arms. Loyalty and fierce comradery coupled with a career that values leadership and results creates extremely effective leaders. The military stresses a “lead from the front” leadership mentality, encourages effective delegation, and reiterates the importance of effective communication. Veterans - regardless of their job responsibilities -  know how to lead in a manner that others will follow. 

Dependability and Reliability

Laziness, lateness, and excuses have no place in the military. Every person has a duty to their coworkers and each person’s tasks are essential to the success of the mission. You can bet your Veteran employees will be where they are supposed to be, prepared to do what they need to do to ensure mission success. 

Whether a service member completed a six-year tour or retired at the end of a 30+ year career, they bring with them both the benefit of military training and their soft skills and technical experience. To learn more about hiring Veterans or easing the transition to civilian employment, connect with Stillwater Human Capital today.

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