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Why Good Employees Leave (and How You Can Prevent It)

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At Stillwater Human Capital, we have built a successful company helping our clients source quality talent. One of the biggest hiring concerns we hear involves the need to replace high-quality employees who have moved on. Whether they are promoted out of their current position or they leave to pursue other opportunities, losing a good employee leaves big shoes to fill. While some circumstances - like out of town moves and unforeseen life changes - are beyond our control, employers must examine the reasons behind why good employees leave, and what they can do to prevent this from happening. 

1. Lack of Trust/ Micromanagement

Most employees are more content when they feel respected and trusted, and experience a fair amount of autonomy. Those who feel like leadership does not trust them to get the job done or feel micromanaged will decrease productivity, withhold creativity and problem solving, and ultimately seek employment elsewhere. If you hire an employee to do a job, it is important to make sure they have the tools they need to succeed without micromanagement. 

2. Little Room For Advancement

While some people seek job opportunities out of necessity, most candidates are looking for a place to grow and thrive. Offering clear opportunities for career advancement and leadership development will help attract talented applicants to your job openings. If steady career progression and mentorship within the company is absent, talent will seek outside employment that will allow them better growth opportunities. Formal career progression paths are great, but be mindful of flexibility to accommodate evolving needs and fully harness each employees’ potential. 

3. Lack of Recognition and Responsibility

While companies that acknowledge the accomplishments of their employees encourage more quality productivity, organizations that refuse to hold individuals accountable and opt for mass discussions or generalized reactions create an environment where those who are doing well may start to feel discouraged. To keep employees motivated and productive, it is critical to recognize a job well done, while also immediately addressing (directly and discretely) poor performance or interpersonal issues. This builds trust and shows that leadership cares about its employees.

4. Poor Leadership

Employees expect and desire solid leadership. As the old adage goes “people don’t quit their jobs, they quit their boss.” Poor leadership creates a toxic work environment and will increase turnover of good employees. If your company seems to be losing quality talent, it is a good idea to take a hard look at management style within your organization. Some companies even engage with third party surveyors to gauge employee satisfaction.

5. Lack of Work/Life Balance

Employees who feel overworked, stressed, and under undo pressure will eventually burn out and seek employment that offers a better work/life balance. People value their time and their personal lives, and recognizing this on a corporate level will go a long way towards attracting and retaining the right talent for your organization. If you are overextending your employees rather than searching for solutions to disperse a heavy workload, you might find you will lose high-quality employees.

6. Unhealthy Work Environment or Culture

Toxic work environments that refuse to address issues of harassment or office gossip undermine trust and prevent honest feedback. In work environments where employees cannot predict responses or feel valued, they will withdraw. A negative atmosphere in the workplace is a common reason for many good employees to leave a business. No matter how many perks or rewards a business may offer, they do little to overcome a toxic environment. To keep quality talent, a company must hold true to their advertised value propositions and take an internal look at leadership, the environment, and what they are offering their employees. 

At Stillwater Human Capital, we work to help you find the right talent to fill your positions - we can even help evaluate your organization’s working climate to assist your HR department in creating more meaningful matches. For staffing needs from temporary surge or CEO replacement, we have the talent pool and recruitment skills you need. Connect with us online today. 

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